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 Conflict Global Storm

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PostSubject: Conflict Global Storm   Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:14 pm


Bradley, Jones, Conners and Foley are no strangers to conflict, of course. While othere Special Forces operativs go on holiday, the Desert Storm vetran quartet passes the time by undergoing extensive counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency training. Unable to stray far from danger for long, they have emerged eager to face a new enemy. Meet Red Team, possibly the world's finest rapid response counter-terrorism unit. And it's about to face history's greatest terrorist to date...


Your fight against global terrorism will take you to a variety of world locations and while they'll each have individual characteristics and demand a specific military approach, their settings at least dictate that certain general combat principles apply.


Confined and corridor-based interior environments demand carfully controlled progression and will test your squad control skills as well as teaching you how to use surroundings for cover. Often, the maze-like geography means you'll also need eyes on the back of your head.


A deserted modern cityscape is a sniper's playground while every rounded corner could lead you into perfect ambush territory. Proceed with utmost caution- your're often exposed and vulnerable to attack. Move quickly and decisively.


A treacherous, disorientating enviroment which provides maximum cover for both defensive and offensive parties. Use the foliage to your advantage to navigate undetected and rely on silenced weapons to refrain from giving your position away.


Open areas have a nasty habit of attacting armoured vehicles while providing minimal cover opportunities. You'll need to rely heavily on your stealth skills while your sniper sweeps the area, disposingof the enemy's infantry before closing in and tackling the heavier opposition.


The game starts with Red Team being captured after parachuting into the Colombian jungle and are taken to a nearby town controlled by Militia forces. Connors escapes and subsequently frees the rest of Red Team, who continue with their mission to destroy the Drug Factory. After completing the mission and capturing Mandel, Red Team head to the landing zone, however Foley stays behind to defend the rest of the team. He does not make it to the landing zone before Bradley decides to pull out. He is believed to be killed in action.

The team is given a replacement sniper, Carrie Sherman. They are then sent on a series of missions, first in South Korea, then the Ukraine, Chechnya and Egypt before the identity of the Traitor who betrayed Red Team in the first mission is revealed. The Traitor is revealed to be Strachen. Red Team are then sent to the Philippines to locate Strachen, it is here we are introduced to Connor's brother Alan. Strachen is later tracked down to an Estate where he has taken 4 hostages and is hiding with an army of Mercenaries led by Hans Klerbler. Red Team eliminated Klerbler in revenge for the brutal murder of Alan Connors. Strachen is captured as reveals Mandel to be in Kashmir.

The final mission is set in Kashmir, where Mandel plans to launch Nuclear Missile at Pakistan to cause a war between the latter and India. Red Team disarm the missiles and Mandel is killed when his M-24 Hind Gunship is shot down by Red Team. The game ends with Red Team discussing returning to Colombia to find Foley.


The game plays primarily in third person perspective with controls similar to a standard first person shooter. The player directly controls one member of the team but can issue commands to teammates. Such a control mechanism is designed to allow tactical play to emerge, with many players preferring a "slow and steady" approach, unlike many contemporary first- and third-person shooters. The AI in the game will advance, use cover, use grenades and retreat when injured.


* John Bradley - Team Leader/Rifleman
* Paul Foley - Sniper/Medic
* Carrie Sherman - Sniper/Medic
* Mick Connors - Heavy Weapons
* David Jones - Combat Engineer


* Karl Mandel - member of March 33
* Strachen - suspected member of March 33, former Intelligence Officer for Red Team
* Hans Klerber - Ex-German Special forces, suspected member of March 33
* Alan Connors - Undercover agent in Golden Dawn which is controlled by Strachen
* Dr. Franklin - Nuclear Expert who help the Squad in the first Desert Storm to disarm a Russian Nuclear Weapon. He helps the squad again when a Chechen controlled Nuclear Reactor goes into meltdown.
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Conflict Global Storm
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